Leroy Somer AC Motors

Leroy Somer AC Motors

Leroy Somer IMfinity® 3?phase induction motors

  • Power rating.75 to 1500 kW
  • Frame size 80 to 500
  • IE2 High efficiency, premium IE3, super premium IE4 efficiency motors

Leroy Somer CPLS induction motors for variable frequency (interchangeable with DC Motors)

  • Power range 7.5 to 560 kW
  • Torque range 95 Nm to 2,900 Nm

Leroy Somer FFB Brake motors

  • 0.06 kW to 550 kW

Leroy Somer Dyneo Permanent Magnet Motor

  • 11 to 430 kW
  • Up to 6000rpm
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