Isolated Signal Conditioner

Isolated Signal Conditioner

Plug-in High Level Signal Conditioner by MTT Corporation Japan, to convert DC current or voltage signal into commonly used DC signals (ex. 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA) and provide isolated single signal output

MTT Signal Conditioner Malaysia | MTT Signal Isolator Malaysia

MTT Corporation Japan’s MS5500 Series provide a highly accurate and durable components for standard 8-pin relay sockets.

  • Industry standard 8-pin relay socket
  • Wide-range AC power input
  • Isolated single output (3-way isolation)
  • A total of 11 model


MS5504 Signal Conditioner

MS5504 is a high level Signal Conditioner that converts DC current or Voltage signals into commonly used DC signals (ex. 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc) and provide an isolated single output signal


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