Mentor MP DC Drives

Mentor MP

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25A to 7400A Two or four quadrant operation (regenerative)
24V – 480V / 500V – 575V / 500V – 690V

Control Techniques Mentor DC Drive series is synonymous with reliability and high-quality DC motor control. Mentor MP, the enhanced version of the predecessor Mentor II and Mentor I, by bringing DC Drive up to date with the current Industrial Automation requirement and technology.

Greater motor field control

  • Built-in field controller as standard
  • Gives excellent field control for the majority of DC motors
  • Reduces the need for external components

Enhanced field control with FXMP25

  • The FXMP25 may be controlled digitally by using a standard RJ45 connection, allowing set-up by standard drive parameters
  • The FXMP25 can also function in standalone mode using its integrated keypad and display

Enhanced system design

  • The heatsink cooling fans are intelligently controlled and only run when required, thus increasing reliability and reducing maintenance
  • Eighteen different option modules allow customization of the drive, including Fieldbus, Ethernet, I/O, extra feedback devices and
    motion controllers
  • The drive system designer is able to embed automation and motion control within the drive, eliminating communications delays that
    reduce performance

Fast set-up, configuration, and monitoring

  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • Can be configured using optional removable keypads
  • Advanced autotune features help you get the best performance from your machine
  • PC software and Smartcard tools for rapid commissioning
  • An intelligent networked system with CTNet
  • Program inbuilt controller with SyPTLite
  • Develop tailored solutions for applications modules with SyPTPro
  • Option modules for all common Industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus networks

Retro-fit projects

  • Easy integration with your existing motor, power supply, application equipment and communication networks has been ensured from
    the design stage
  • Mentor MP brings performance and possibilities to your application with minimum migration costs

Ease of migration

  • Mentor MP has been designed so existing Mentor II customers can easily migrate to the new platform
  • All power terminal locations and mounting points have been retained
  • Mentor MP has a much smaller frame size than the 900 A Mentor II with paralleling options to offer high power density
  • CT Soft has a built-in migration wizard to assist with the transfer of drive parameters and programs
  • Smaller cable requirements make connections within the cubical easier. Construction of a custom-made bus-bar is not required

Motor Field Control

  • Built-in field controller as standard in every Mentor MP
    • Gives excellent field control for the majority of DC motors
    • Reduces the need for external components

An external motor field controller is recommended when:

  • The required field current is greater than that offered by the standard drive, up to 25 A. For example, older motors with low field
  • The field is required to be forced down more quickly than is possible with a standard half controlled field bridge
  • Applications can be implemented with simple field current reversal, without armature reversal, if machine dynamics can still be met

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