Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Inverter Malaysia | Solar Inverter Pump Malaysia

0.25 kW – 132 kW (0.33 hp to 200hp)
200 V | 400 V

Control Techniques Solar Pump Inverter with in-built MPPT tracking for controlling pumps directly from Solar Energy DC inputs. A proven robust design inverter applied in manufacturing, water / waste water industry.

  • Wide supply voltage tolerance with max input solar voltage array at 800Vdc for 400V inverter
  • DC input for solar input and AC input as standby
  • In-built MPPT tracking to increase power efficiency
  • Dry pump detection function
  • Auto start / stop of pump depending on the solar energy provided/irradiation

Webpage access or monitoring tools available with SI-Ethernet option modules

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